Current UPRISE Projects


The following table contains links to the Individual Projects Information:

Additive Manufacturing of Advanced MaterialsAdvanced High-Speed Imaging in High Temperature FlowsAeroacoustics of Electric Aircraft Propulsion
Analyzing Data from CERN's LHCb ExperimentApplications of Machine Learning in High Energy PhysicsAssessing land snail foraging ecology in a warming world
Behavioral analysis of color vision in jumping spidersCalculus to Heart PowerCharacterization of gingiva for sustained local drug delivery
Characterizing production variability in Jamaican Creole- and English-speaking preschoolers: An exploratory studyComparison of jumping spider courtship behavior when viewing conspecific, heterospecific, and species with modified hybrid-species facesComputer simulations of novel materials systems on atomic-length scales
Data science modeling of the dynamics of protein complexesDefining the stoichiometry and tissue distribution of PRPS complex membersDeveloping a Smartphone App for Voice and Cough Monitoring
Effect of dosing methods on improving posterior eye disease treatmentElectrical Machining of InsulatorsElectronic spectrum of channel Skyrmions in a Kondo insulator
Electronic spectrum of channel Skyrmions in a Kondo insulatorExploring Opportunities and Challenges in Intelligent Autonomous SystemsFundamental Processes of Atomization, Vaporization, Mixing and Combustion in Hypersonic Propulsion Systems
How bright can nanostars shine?Improving Adherence in Cervical Cancer Prevention among At-Risk Women: Formative ResearchInvestigation of the Aeroacoustics of Human Ears in Windy Environments
Laryngeal Reflexes in those With and Without Voice DisordersLong-term dose-controllable implantNanoscale 3D Printing
Paleoecology and Conservation PaleobiologyPharmacological studies of kinase inhibitors for Naegleria species, the cousin of the brain-eating amoeba, Naegleria fowleriSafety Barriers surrounding Kangaroo Care for Neonates in the ICU
Sensors for real-time neurochemical detectionStructural analysis of ADP-ribosylation metabolizing proteinsThe Effect of Estrogen and Testosterone on Female Mosquitofish
Thermoelectrics with Large Magnetic FieldsThis is display test 7This is test display project
Using ultrasound to prevent cardiac reperfusion injuryWhat’s in a (spider) face? The perceptual processing mechanisms underlying jumping spider facial evaluation

Note - "Some projects are multi-disciplinary; a project in one area may be of interest to students from another major. Be sure to look at the projects in related areas to widen your choices."

Contact: Tiffany Grant, Ph.D., UPRISE REU Director (Email: tiffany.grant@uc.edu)