Current UPRISE Projects


The following table contains links to the Individual Projects Information:

AI-Enhanced OASIS E Assessments: Unveiling the Future of Intelligent AssessmentsAnalyzing Clinical Workflow of Sleep Studies and Understanding Clinician Perspectives on Sleep Data TrackingCharacterizing Neuroinflammatory Responses in Radiation-Induced Brain Injury: Organotypic Brain Slice Validation and Analysis
Clostridioides difficile - neutrophil interactions in CDI recurrenceCommunity-engaged Research for Health EquityConvergent Parameter Instrument (CPI): Quantification of Pressure Ulcers using Multimodal Imaging Technologies
Cosmology with the Cosmic Microwave BackgroundCost-Effective Integration of PCM Thermal Energy Storage and Wet Compression for High-Efficiency Industrial Heat PumpsCracking pulmonary threats: Dissecting the complement 5a enigma in Parkinson’s disease-associated lung inflammation
Data science and Machine learning for the function and dynamics of protein complexesDecarbonizing Ohio’s buildings through innovative energy policiesDendrimer-Lipid nanoparticles for transdermal delivery
Developing an AI-based predictive spatiotemporal model for epidemic dynamicsDeveloping Astronomy Ring Galaxy Catalogues & OutreachDeveloping genetic techniques for marine sediment microbes
Developing superconducting resonators using oxide perovskites for quantum information technologyDevelopment and evaluation of a web-based app for transgender voice coachingEnabling Continuous Molecular Monitoring (like a Glucose Monitor) for Chronic Diseases Beyond Diabetes
Engineering microbiome for imaging and therapyExperimenting new control designs for source seeking on robots or UAVsFate of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances: from sources to tap
Fetal Heart Rate MonitoringGeneral research project in soft materialsGraphical User Interface (GUI) for KickStat
High Density Memory Devices for Bio-Inspired ComputingHistorical meandering of alluvial streams in buried valleys, southern Ohio, USAHuman Stem Cell Models of CHD and NDD
Impact of amniotic fluid composition upon fetal lung and gastrointestinal tract developmentImproving the efficacy of a cardioprotective therapyInvestigation of the Role of LPS Binding Protein in Inflammation in Atherosclerosis Among Patients with Diabetes.
Machine learning-assisted catalyst design for CO2 ConversionMetabolic reprogramming of renal cancerMethods for Preserving Macronutrient Content of Expressed Human Breastmilk
Modeling of respiratory and speech disordersMyA: Multi-Biometric Vest for People Living with Angelman SyndromeNeurobiology of pain
Noise as the signal in electrical current measurementNovel Polymer-Zeolite Composite Membranes for High-Performance Redox Flow Batteries and Water ElectrolyzerPeapod: Measuring the Forces a Newborn Experiences During Transport Inside, Outside, and Between Hospitals and Other Critical Care Settings
Post transcriptional Regulation in Cardiometabolic DisorderPost-transcriptional regulation of spermatogonial stem cellsProbing the Standard Model with the LHCb Detector at the Large Hadron Collider
Process monitoring and control of electrochemical additive manufacturingReinforcement Learning (RL) system through game engineResolving the Distant Universe with JWST
Rex: A Portable, Low-Cost, Adaptive Athlete-Friendly Device for Measuring Reaction Times as an Indicator of Concussion SeverityRole of propriospinal neurons in recovery of breathing after spinal cord injurySignal transduction pathways and environmental sensing in the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi.
Sleep in mosquitoesSmart Helmets for Detecting and Preventing ConcussionsSmart Helmets for Detecting and Preventing Concussions
Spatial Training in STEMM Education: Spatial Tasks, Apps, and Assessments (STAA)Spin Fractionalization in Kondo LatticesStructural Obstacles
Targetted drug delivery to limit luminal neutrophils in Clostridioides difficile infectionUnderstanding Mathematics Specialists' Social Identities: A Systematic Literature ReviewUtilizing CRISPR-Cas9 technology to introduce novel variants into AML cell lines
Vision, Behavior, and Cognition in Jumping SpidersVisual-Acoustic Biofeedback for Voice Training: Developing a Web Interface for Therapy PracticeVisualization of High Energy Particle Collision Simulations

Note - "Some projects are multi-disciplinary; a project in one area may be of interest to students from another major. Be sure to look at the projects in related areas to widen your choices."

Contact: Tiffany Grant, Ph.D., UPRISE REU Director (Email: tiffany.grant@uc.edu)