REU Program: Faculty FAQ's

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  1. I will be away for a few days during the summer session. Can I still have a UPRISE student assigned to me?

  2. We fully understand that faculty mentors need to be away for part(s) of the summer, for a variety of purposes. In those circumstances, we suggest that you designate an associate in your lab for the day-to-day mentoring/supervision of the UPRISE student and her research. Also, while you are away, please arrange to remain in email or phone contact with the UPRISE student and her designated mentor. In this way, you should be able to continue to provide the mentoring needed for the UPRISE program.
  3. I am interested in participating in the UPRISE REU program this summer by mentoring a student. How do I submit a project?

  4. As a prospective mentor, you will need to submit research project description(s) by early December; the project description(s) will be posted on the UPRISE website for prospective applicants to view and make their selections. Descriptions may be fairly general, outlining the different types of research conducted in your lab, or describe a specific research project to be carried out. The former method is helpful if you have different types of projects for students, and also allows you to match a student the project that best fits her skill set and interests. The latter method is better if you have a set of fairly well-defined research goals. The link to submit project descriptions can be found here: https://uprise.ceas3.uc.edu/projects. To take a look at previous project descriptions, please go here: uprise.ceas3.uc.edu/rewu.php
  5. Who provides the funds to support UPRISE students?

  6. UPRISE students receive a research stipend of $4,500 for 40 hours of research effort each week during the 12-week program. $2,250 of this is provided by the UPRISE Program (through the Office of the Provost). Faculty mentors are expected to provide matching funds totaling $2,250 to cover the remaining costs. These matching funds may be provided by either the mentor or the department head or a combination of these sources. In some cases a faculty member may wish to mentor a student that has applied to, but is not accepted to the UPRISE program. In these cases the student may participate in UPRISE if the faculty mentor is able to provide the full funding amount ($4,500)
  7. How much of a voice does the faculty member have in selecting the student for the project?

  8. Students are required to schedule meetings with potential faculty mentors (please to your best to accommodate these requests). This is an opportunity for both students and mentors to determine if the project is a good fit. When the application period closes you will be asked to provide your impressions of the students you meet with, and will also be asked to rank the students, indicating which student(s) you prefer to mentor. The UPRISE committee reviews applications to determine which applicants will be admitted to the program. At that point students are matched with faculty mentors based on research interests, qualifications, and mentor/student rankings. In some cases a student may not be assigned to her top choice for mentor, and mentors may be not matched with their top choice for student.
    Outlined below is the step-by-step procedure for student selection:

    1. Student reviews projects listed on the UPRISE website.
    2. Student schedules meeting with UPRISE mentors.
    3. Student completes UPRISE application, including a ranking of their top 3 projects and the dates that they met with these project mentors.
    4. Mentors provide UPRISE co-Directors with a ranking of the students they met with.
    5. UPRISE committee reviews applications and matches students with mentors based on qualifications and student/mentor preference.
    6. Accepted students will be notified of the matching process; a copy of that communication will be sent to the respective mentors.
    7. The accepted students will be informed of the outcome of the matching process; a copy of that communication will be sent to the respective mentors.
    8. Remaining applicants will be informed that they were not accepted to this year’s UPRISE program.

This is a summary of the program procedures. Please be sure to contact the UPRISE Program Director if you have questions. Thank you for your interest in UPRISE.


Contact: Tiffany Grant, Ph.D., UPRISE REU Director (Email: tiffany.grant@uc.edu)